There are eleven slots that are filled with 11 residents (and occasionally one from the Hellenic Army Force). Below are the residents who are currently attending the full training programme for the specialty of Orthopaedic Surgery & Musculoskeletal Trauma.


Veloni, Katerina

Tsekoura, Stavroula

Kiorpelidis, Polykarpos

Chliapas, Stergios


Doxariotis, Nikolaos

Alexiou, Konstantinos

Kokkinos, Georgios

Chrysovergis, Christos

Karatzios, Konstantinos

Banios, Konstantinos

Natsaridids, Prodromos

Karakitsios, Panagiotis


34 orthopaedic surgeons have completed their training so far:

  • Zachos, Vassilios, MD
  • Zibis, Aristidis, MD
  • Damdounis, Aristidis, MD
  • Passias, Athanasios, MD
  • Rigopoulos, Nikolaos, MD
  • Basdekis, Georgios, MD
  • Drougas, Vassilios, MD
  • Christou, Dimitrios, MD
  • Koutsogiannis, Alexandros, MD
  • Samaras, Dimitrios, MD
  • Dimitroulias, Apostolos, MD
  • Gougoulias, Nikolaos, MD
  • Giotikas, Dimitrios, MD
  • Agorastakis, Dimitrios, MD
  • Venouziou, Aaron, MD
  • Poultsides, Lazaros, MD
  • Liantsis, Athanasios, MD
  • Karydakis, Georgios, MD
  • Giannakos Rene-Athanasios, MD
  • Michalitsis, Sotirios, MD
  • Papatheodorou, Loukia, MD
  • Karamanis, Nikolaos, MD
  • Papasoulis, Efthymios, MD
  • Tsarouhas, Alexandros, MD
  • Paridis, Dionysios, MD
  • Lagaras, Apostolos, MD
  • Sitras, Achilleas, MD
  • Liakatas, Athanasios, MD
  • Papadopoulos, Antonios, MD
  • Koutalos, Antonios, MD
  • Drakos, Athanasios, MD
  • Antoniou, Ioannis, MD
  • Raoulis, Vasileios, MD
  • Papanagiotou, Marianthi, MD

 2017 Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Musculoskeletal Trauma, University of Thessalia

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