The Medical Staff

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Word from the Chairman

The decision of the Faculty of Medicine to entrust me with the task of establishing a new department in 1998 was accepted as an honor, a privilege and at the same time as a great challenge and an opportunity to lay the foundations and gradually shape it up following patterns of proven success and excellence. Pulling the strings of a newly born academic unit inside a new University gave us the opportunity, the freedom and the enthusiasm to undertake this endeavour with an even greater share of responsibility on our backs. We attracted a team of new scientists, those with a sound scientific background, who show true love and dedication to the patients, are hard workers and distinguished for their devotion and strong will for the production and dissemination of knowledge to the younger colleagues.

Training students to provide the best possible help to those in need

Malizos, Konstantinos

Professor and Chairman


On the first steps, the essential elements needed to build a truly cohesive team were decided upon. First, the mutual trust among all the medical staff members, coupled with the commitment to decisions and plans of action. Holding one another accountable for acting towards realization of those plans and focusing on the achievement of collective results were also agreed upon from the very beginning. the whole article

Faculty Staff

Malizos, Konstantinos

Professor & Chairman

Karachalios, Theofilos


Dailiana, Zoe


Varitimidis, Sokratis



Hantes, Michael

Associate Professor


 2019 Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Musculoskeletal Trauma, University of Thessalia

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