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By Christos V. Massalas

  • President of the Administrative Committe of the University of Western Macedonia
  • Ex-rector, University of Ioannina
  • President of the Council for higher-level University Education


“The academic institution passes from crisis to crisis. The requisite is that the present crisis be seen as an opportunity for the reforming power of the society to be revived and signal further developments.

As is known, the University offers to our youth:

  1.  the appropriate setting for their impregnation with the diachronic values of our civilization (and other civilizations),
  2. education to enable them to meet the requirements of life and society, and
  3. the research conditions for production of new knowledge and for creation of new researchers.

Science expresses the dignity of the University, the soul of the Institution, the basic principle that gives it the breath of existence and rescues it from being a mere mechanistic system. That is to say, it gives the University the sense based on which it becomes a synonym to Science. But it is also something more! The University needs contact with public life, the historical reality, with the present... The University should be open to reality that each time shapes itself, it should be in the centre of real life and impregnated with it. The society needs the presence of the University as a calm intellectual force and as a critical conscience, which could intervene into the current social issues and indicate ways of confrontation and management of disagreement.

Its role…cultural, vocational, scientific and not only a role for students…

It is high time that the University, as a foundational institution, had a primary role in the actual play. As a dominant intellectual force it can lay the foundations for responsible citizens and make major contributions to the education of the society. Its current image does not meet the expectations of the citizen for the desired progress of our country in the future.

I slept on the above thoughts during my rehabilitation (after a surgery) at the Orthopaedic Department of the University of Thessalia, which is under the direction of Professor Konstantinos N. Malizos.

The environment of the Department, the faultless behaviour of the nursing personnel, the thoughtful approach to the patient of the scientific personnel and the inspired management of its Director created the conditions for excretion of hope for the rebirth of the academic field. Dr Malizos, who started his career in another Orthopaedic Department (at the University of Ioannina, Greece) that has created tradition in quality treatment so much in the education and the provision of health care services as in the production of new knowledge, has become an exemplary case of a man, who honours the academic institution of the University (and the University of Ioannina) and together signals the level of quality in the area of health care services.

My reference to a personal experience aims at showing that hope has not been lost… and even that those unique cases of people have as a goal to signal the light that will show the way to the required future, a future of enhanced requirements.

It is a fact that our country does not survive due to its functioning as a system of institutions but due to some people's intense efforts that supercede the duties corresponding to them.

The citizens of this country should understand that the power of the future is education… The societies who will survive in the future should be well-educated and the citizens should make the most of the knowledge they acquire in an intelligent way. The requisite is the understanding from all of us of the current situation and the expression of responsibility…

In the years we live in, we should bring into mind Hegel's laconic phrase describing world history (Lectures on the Philosophy of History,1861): “Persia, the place of light, Greece the place of beauty, India, the place of dreaming”, and form those conditions that will allow us to add: “Greece, the place of education”.


[published in the Eleftheria newspaper, November 2006
and translated into Greek by Vasiliki I. Boukouvala, Linguist, MA]


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