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Since 1998, the Orthopaedic Department has received medical equipment, furniture and book donations necessary for the proper function of the Department. This was only possible due to the thoughtful contributions of some people who have the generosity to donate for the benefit of the public.

Mrs Smaragda GARANI, in memory of her husband Michael GARANIS, a distinguished surgeon, and driven by benevolent and charitable motives donated special equipment of the most advanced technology (costing €301,000). This equipment has given another dimension to the research potential of our unit. In this way, the health services provided have dramatically improved as the gifted equipment serves hundreds of patients each year without charge, giving them the hope that treatment is attainable. It also facilitates the laboratory and clinical research of the faculty and the residents, who are now given the opportunity to utilize special devices designed for diagnosis and conduct relevant research studies. The University of Thessalia has honoured Mrs GARANI as “great benefactor” in a special ceremony (23 Oct. 2003).


Photos from "K. Houliaras" university library

Giving without regard to reward or the benefits of recognition is a pure altruistically motivated act reflecting the feelings of loyalty and duty of some people who have the generosity, kindness and are socially-sensitive to help others in need. Through such philanthropic intentions, donators become the brilliant example to show the path of altruism and invite more people to act in such a benevolent manner for the common good of the society. All in all, we all should take into consideration that “…giving is not a duty but a privilege.” (John D. Rockefeller Jr.)

The medical staff would like to thank the following persons for gifting contributions to benefit the Orthopaedic Department (for books, library furniture, and equipment) – in alphabetic order:

Bliatsiou, Aliki
Chroni, Katerina
Fessas, Theodoros
Fountis, Spyros
Garani, Smaragda
Giaglara, Efrosyni
Giotis, Konstantinos
Hartofillakidis, Georgios
Houliaras, Konstantinos
Kaiva, Fani
Kakagianni, Iro
Kakagianni, Stella
Kantonias, Xenophon
Kelaiditou, Ourania – Gerogiannis, K.
Konstantinidis, Gregorios
Koukoulis, Konstaninos – Androutsopoulou, Voula

Kourtis, Harilaos
Koutsoukis, Spyros

Kyritsakas, Gregorios
Malakos, Georgios
Oikonomou, Sotirios
Papaioannou, Vassilios
Patramanis, Stefanos
Potakidis, Panayotis
Raptopoulou, M & O.
Romnios, Nikolaos
Saitis, Eleftherios
Samakidis, Konstantinos
Samara, Fani – Stergiou, Dimitrios
Samsarelos, Dimitrios
Theodorou, Stamatis
Triantafyllou, Nikolaos
Tragakis, Panayotis
Tsemanis, Vassilios
Tsiaras, Vassilios
Tsoukas, Antonios


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