In Progress Dissertations

Doctorate Students
[in alphabetic order]

  1. Bougioukli, Sofia, MD
    “Association of genetic factors and clinical risk factors in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis”
  2. Christou, Dimitrios, MD
    “Histological analysis and biochemical evaluation in torn Rotator Cuff Tendons and Post-surgical Prediction”  
  3. Damani, Eleni, MD
    Detection of polymorphisms (Snps) in the gene Tgfβ1 and comparison of their frequency with the osseous density in the population of Thessalia”
  4. Damdounis, Aristidis, MD
    “A diagnostic and treatment algorithm for the treatment of complex bone and soft tissue loss after bone infection”
  5. Dovas, Thomas, MD
    “Economic and social consequences from the hip fractures manipulation in hospital and during the full recovery”
  6. Drougas, Vassilios, MD
    “Inter-trochanteric fractures. Risk factors for mechanical failure of implants”
  7. Giannakos Rene - Athanasios, MD
    “Mid-term and long-term clinical and radiological results of three-dimensional femoral stems in patients with Total Hip Hip Arthroplasty” 
  8. Giotikas, Dimitrios, MD (Publications: 1)
    “The efficacy of minimally invasive surgical techniques in Total Knee Arthroplasty. A prospective randomized control study” 
  9. Kafidas, Dimitrios, MD
    “Rotating Hinge Total Knee Arthroplasties. Mid-term results of the Solution RT implant”
  10. Karamanis, Nikolaos, MD
    “Biomechanical and clinical evaluation of the Taylor Spatial Frame compared to the Ilizarov apparatus”
  11. Karydakis, Georgios, MD
    “Prospective comparative wear study of bearing surfaces between oxidized zirconium (Oxinium) and highly cross-linked polyethylene in total hip replacements”
  12. Komnos, Georgios, MD
    Haematogenous Infection in the presence of stable and unstable cementless implants
  13. Kostopoulou, Fotini, Biologist-Genetist, BSc
    “Genetic Investigations of Genes involved in Lipid Metabolism in Osteoarthriris. In vitro and in vivo study”
  14. Koutis, Athanasios, MD
    "Pre- and post-operative evaluation of unstable shoulder and knee joint with the use of clinical assessment in combination to kinetic and kinematic analysis"
  15. Lagaras, Apostolos, MD
    "Outcome of complex therapeutic algorithm for diaphyseal nonunions of the tibia"
  16. Michalitsis, Sotirios, MD
    “The human model in the development of Osteoarthritis after ACL rupture and reconstruction: a clinical study” 
  17. Orphanidou, Timoklia, Biologist, BSc (Publications: 1)
    “Inhibition of gene expression involved in Osteoarthritis”
  18. Papanagiotou, Marianthi, MD
    “The use of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) in Healing of Non-Unions of Bone Defects”
  19. Papasoulis, Efthymios, MD
    "Total Knee Arthroplasty Genesis II - Oxinium: Mid- and long-term clinical and radiological outcome, survivorship, and polyethylene wear"
  20. Paridis, Dionysios, MD
    “Study on the healing potential - treatment against oxidative stress in patients with hip fractures. Prospective random study on the effectiveness of methylcyctein, vitamin C and vitamin E”
  21. Samaras, Dimitrios, MD
    “Osteotomies of the first metatarsal bone for the treatment of Hallux Valgus”
  22. Tsougias, Georgios, MD
  23. Veloni,  Katerina, MD
    “Biphosphonates’ effect on fracture healing. An experimental study on rabbits” 
  24. Venouziou, Aaron, MD
    “Biomarkers for monitoring the bone-implant interface integration of cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty”

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