Completed Dissertations approved by the Faculty of Medicine, UTH

Researchers work under the supervision and the scientific sponsoring of either a 3-member Advisory Committee (authorized faculty members) for a minimum of 3 years, on either clinical or applied scientific research topics. Also in collaboration with labs from the Basic Sciences there are non-physician scientists who are collaborating on Basic Research fields related to Musculoskeletal System Pathology.

  1. Zachos Vassilios (Publications: 5)
    “Pedicular Vascularized Grafting in the Reconstructive Surgery of the Wrist”
  2. Zibis Aristidis (publications: 4)
    “Femoral Head Necrosis investigation with related pathology”
  3. Boursinos Loucas (publications: 2)
    “Comparative study of short-term administration of Meloxicam, Rofecoxibe, Indomethacin and Prednizolone in fracture healing. Experimental study in New Zealand rabbits”
  4. Rigopoulos Nikolaos (publications: 3)
    “Staging and treatment algorithm of Hand and Wrist Infections”
  5. Pavlopoulos Dimitrios (publications: 1)
    “Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty for fractures of the Proximal Humerus”
  6. Krallis Panayotis (publications: 1 (in French))
    “Application of the “Penteli” outrigger and the Crane Technique for the correction of Scoliosis”
  7. Papachristos Athanasios (publications: 3)
    “Transosseous application of low-intensity Ultrasound for the monitoring of fracture healing process”
  8. Tsionos Ioannis (publications: 1)“Ectopic ossification of the elbow. Results of early rejection”
  9. Fotiadou Anastasia (publications: 1)
    “Radiological findings in painful syndromes of the shoulder. A comparative evaluation with surgical findings”
  10. Fytili Pelagia (publications: 4)
    “Genetic investigation of Knee Osteoarthritis”
  11. Bargiotas Konstantinos (publications: 2)
    “Mid- and long-term clinical and radiological results of the Trabecular Metal acetabular cups in patients with Total Hip replacement”
  12. Basdekis Georgios (publications: 1)
    “Classification and treatment of the combined injuries of the carpal bones and the distal forearm”
  13. Poultsides Lazaros (publications: 2)
    “Haematogenous infection in stable and unstable orthopaedic implants. Experimental study in rabbits”
  14. Avramidis, Kyriacos, MD
    “Electric stimulation of the Vastus Medialis Muscle in the rehabilitation of patients after Total Knee Replacement”
  15. Liantsis, Athanasios, MD
    “Treatment algorithm for the Spastic Upper Extremity”
  16. Sakkas, Athanasios, MD
    “The natural history of developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in patients with delayed diagnosis and treatment”
  17. Papatheodorou, Loukia, MD (Publications: 2)
    “Transosseous Application of Low-Intensity Ultrasound for enhancement and monitoring of bone healing of long bone fractures”
  18. Paleochorlidis, Elias, MD
    “Mid-term results of Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Replacement”
  19. Agorastakis, Dimitrios, MD (Publications: 1)
    “Fractures and bone loss of the metacarpals and phalanges. State-of-the-art osteosynthesis methods”
  20. Papakostidou, Ippolyti, Military Nurse (2 awards)
    “Health-related quality of life (hRQOL) after Total Knee and Hip Replacement. A comparative study”
  21. Alevrogiannis, Stavros, MD
    “Long-term clinical and radiological results of total knee replacement with HA coating”
  22. Chasanidis, Christos, Biologist, BSc
    “Gene and protein expression in human periosteal cells. Clinical applications”
  23. Samara, Stavroula, Biologist, BSc
    “Gene expression and proteins in the pathogenesis of Avascular Bone Necrosis”

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