The surgical infrastructure of the University Hospital includes 10 aseptic operative suites, one room for septic cases at the central Unit, and two separate suites at the maternity clinic. Furthermore, available are three rooms for endoscopies at the central unit and two emergency operating theatres.

Thirteen departments of the respective surgical disciplines with 82 surgeons and 15 anesthesiologists perform approximately 10,000 surgical operations per year. The fact that a number of surgical disciplines at our University are under further development with the employment of new academic staff in the near future should also be taken into consideration. The necessity for new “vital space” for the establishment of scientific fields not yet developed has led to the proposal for the addition of a 12,000m2 wing which would include 10 new operative theaters, a surgical ICU and diagnostic imaging and lab equipment combined to a new Surgical Emergencies Unit. The Faculty of Medicine backs this proposal and has brought that to public awareness and to governmental authorities’ consideration.


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