Surgical Unit

The standards of training and clinical practice of all specialists of the Department are applied to every emergency and elective Orthopaedic procedure, using evidence-based criteria in treatment selection and overall management.

In more detail, the expertise of physicians working in our Department extends to a variety of conditions, including: (i) acute management and late reconstruction of injuries of all tissues of the musculoskeletal system, (ii) reconstruction of joint disorders in adulthood, (iii) arthritis of the major and the small joints, (iv) fracture care, (v) malunions, (vi) nonunions, (vii) septic conditions of the bones and the joints, (viii) amputative injuries-reimplantations, (ix) microsurgical reconstruction of the musculoskeletal system and microneurovascular repair procedures, (x) tendon transfers, (xi) peripheral nerve injuries, (xii) management of paediatric disorders, (xiii) surgical oncology for the musculoskeletal tumours, (xiv) defects and deformities of the growing skeleton, (xv) spinal injuries and deformities, (xvi) sports injuries, (xvii) surgery of the hand and upper limb, (xviii) surgery of the foot, and (xix) correction of congenital malformations of the extremities.

Records and electronic databases of the performed procedures enable to study the outcome of surgical care in our facility, allowing thus a continuum in the quality control of our practices.

Teaching hospitals with a “house staff” made up of interns and residents in training usually achieve lower morbidity and mortality rates and more extensive care. The statistics of the Department are demonstrated in the following graphs:

Patients examined in the Emergency Department of Orthopaedics /Year

Number of Surgical Procedures / Year

Patients examined in the Orthopaedics Clinic / Year

Number of Hospitalized Patients / Year

Type  of Surgical Procedures / Number of Patients. 23% of the operations are performed on an outpatient basis.



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