Postgraduate Teaching and Tutoring activities

  1. The faculty is actively participating in the teaching programme of 2 postgraduate courses (at Master’s level) in collaboration with the
    • Physical Education School: “Exercise and Health”
    • Basic Sciences Department: “Molecular basis of disease”
  2. Postgraduate physicians and graduates from Biomedical Sciences may develop PhD research activity with minimum duration of 4 years in collaboration with Basic Sciences and clinical / diagnostic labs as well as with the Department of Engineering of the Polytechnic School and the Institute of Biomedical  Research and Technology / CERETETH. 
  3. Residents training in Orthopaedics are also offered 2 additional semesters (as electives) in:
    •    Sports Injuries
    •    Pediatric Orthopaedics
    •    Hand Surgery and Microsurgery
  4. Residents, fellows and faculty participate in:
    •    weekly instructional courses program
    •    journal clubs
    •    Central Greece Orthopaedic Community meetings (monthly)
    •    2 annual Symposia (national and international), yearly.

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