Visiting Professorship programme   

The Orthopaedic Department of the University of Thessalia supports international education through its International Visiting Professor Programme since 1998. Since its first days and as an integral part of our teaching programme the Visiting Professorship concept was introduced and valued, with internationally-acknowledged professors and scholars invited to contribute to and enrich the local community’s intellectual and research endeavours. Hosting the exceptional visiting scholar we expect from him or her (a) to deliver formal lectures or a faculty seminar, and (b) to engage in formal or informal discussions with the faculty, the residents, and graduate or undergraduate students. In this way, the Visiting Professor participates in a range of local institutional activities, promotes international projection, and opens up the possibility of undertaking collaborate research with our faculty. 

The names of the Professors who have visited the Department engraved on plates in “K. Houliaras” University Library.


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